Monday, June 1, 2009

Rejection and Hanging Tough

I like to visit several different writing blogs, and it pains me to see posts from new writers so eager to throw in the towel. Do you really believe Stephen King, Patterson, Block didn't get their share of rejection letters? You know they did! I know some writers that take great pride in saying, no lie the have two walls of their office plastered with them. Everyone wants to write that top ten best seller, but few of us will. Most writers would love to make at least a half way decient profit on their book, but are you writing because it's your passion or for the almightly dollar? Let me just throw out a few tips to increase your chances on getting published.
First, know your book, what is it? If you have a mystery novel don't sent it to an agent that only handles romance. As soon as the agent sees this you'll get a nice form rejection letter. Hopefully you are ready to send a finished novel that's been looked at by a real editor not your sister's boyfriend that loves to read. Family and friends will always tell you it's the best book they have ever read. Two books that are a must are Writer's Market, and Jeff Herman's Guide to Publishers, Editors, and Agents. The Preditors and Editors website is also helpful. Even when you find an agency in the book/web be sure to visit the website to make sure they are still handling that type of book, and check out thier submission guidelines. Guidelines, I don't care what you've heard follow them to the letter. Another tidbit go to for very affortable editing help from an author that's pinned over 45+ novels. Happy Writing!

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